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The Company Behind the CIS Network

For over 40 years intoCareers has delivered a comprehensive, high quality career information system. intoCareers' Career Information System (CIS) is a fully hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. CIS powers more than 35% of the nation's state-sponsored career information delivery systems. We meet the nationally recognized career development standards, and adhere to the core, component and comprehensive system standards of the Alliance of Career Resource Professionals (ACRP).

CIS Product Suite

CIS Junior Logo

CIS Junior develops self-awareness by promoting career exploration, research, and planning skills. It supports reading, writing, and decision-making at the middle school level. This product is written at the sixth-grade level, making it appropriate for special populations in various settings.

CIS High School Logo

CIS High School provides comprehensive career information for students developing college and career plans. CIS includes tools that encourage self-assessment, exploration, research, goal setting, and decision-making.

CIS College Logo

CIS College enables community college and college students to connect majors to career opportunities, find scholarships, and research graduate schools. They can also create résumés and learn tips for successful job searches. CIS is an important tool for successful transitions from school to work.

CIS Workforce & Agency Logo

CIS Workforce & Agency provides adults with a resource for their career information and career planning needs. Easy to access and simple to use, the Workforce & Agency version provides in-depth occupational and educational information. Our career-planning tool allows users to engage in a self-directed career planning experience.

CIS Corrections Logo

CIS Corrections is a security-focused version of CIS that provides career planning tools without compromising the security requirements and safety needs of the facility. intoCareers can customize the High School or Workforce version to meet the unique needs of the corrections environment.

Reality Check Logo

CIS Reality Check shows users what they need to earn for the lifestyle they want. Using localized, cost-of-living data, CIS Reality Check connects career plans to lifestyle choices.


Local Education. Local Careers.

National and state employment data do not tell the whole story.

Regional data is essential, especially for rural areas where not all occupations are available and wages are usually lower than in metropolitan areas.

CIS helps people learn which occupations have job openings and how they can get local training to prepare for those occupations.

CIS provides a seamless integration of national and local wage and job prospects to help guide sound post-secondary planning.

Many local scholarships are available that you will never find on a scholarship search engine.

CIS can integrate local scholarships into your state career information system.

National and local scholarship information helps put college dreams within reach.

Data needs to be meaningful.

CIS presents information that is relevant, engaging, and age-appropriate using authoritative sources such as the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and Peterson's, a Nelnet Company.

- Chris Shannon

"It is very clear that a great deal of effort was put into the creation of this program and it is a terrific way for students in middle school, high school and adults to begin their path of Career Awareness."

Director of Youth Programs at South Shore WIB,Massachusetts

Your Identity. Your Values.

You have already invested in your name and a brand that residents trust.

The CIS platform is easily customized to meet institutional logo requirements and color palette standards.

Career information is not one-size-fits-all.

Choose the components that are relevant for your needs.

CIS Junior provides comprehensive, age-appropriate career exploration activities for middle school students.

Customized post-secondary versions of CIS promote career readiness for college students and job seekers.

- Christine Stoll

"Idaho has customized the system for each of its customer groups and to meet the state branding requirements. The capability of tailoring the hierarchy of information, colors, pictures, lists and functions to each group helps the end-user identify better with the information and makes the use of the system more relevant to them. The days of "one-system, fits-all" are gone!"

Executive Director at IDeal - Idaho College Savings Program

Innovative Network. Innovative Support.

Your values are our goals.

intoCareers is a non-profit enterprise of the University of Oregon. All our resources are focused on promoting best-practice career information services.

For over 40 years, a network of government and non-profit agencies has trusted intoCareers to be the backbone of their career information system.

The CIS Network - system operators from our client states - collaborate to set research and development objectives, achieve goals, and share creative strategies.

School districts and workforce centers have different needs and capabilities.

Dedicated professionals at intoCareers provide support at the user and staff level to assure effective implementation of CIS.

intoCareers offers customer-focused solutions designed to meet your unique challenges and goals.

- Tom Schlimpert

"The program components, the holistic approach to career development, and the responsive, helpful nature of CIS staff are all very high quality."

Director at Missouri Connections, MO

Quality Standards. Quality Results.

Career development research provides the foundation for intentional career planning.

intoCareers meets the National Career Development Association (NCDA) and American School Counselor Association (ASCA) career development standards.

CIS adheres to the core, component, and comprehensive system standards of the Alliance of Career Resources Professionals (ACRP).

CIS is built on industry-accepted career development theory that guides sound career planning.

Teachers and counselors need reporting tools and effective teaching materials.

Comprehensive reporting tools in CIS provide real-time measurement of student progress and outcomes.

Informed decision-making is guided through a robust collection of curriculum tailored for different developmental levels.

CIS curriculum is developed and supported by Career Development Facilitators (CDF) and Instructors.

CIS curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Standards.

- Allison French

"CIS curriculum forms the heart of our grades 9-12 student advisory. I've seen remarkable growth and development from student use of CIS."

Teacher at Ashland High, OR


Workforce Success

"I use CIS all the time. Adults appreciate the résumé writer. I can't count how many times people have asked for help with résumés and I was able to pull the specific tasks from the occupations in CIS to use as a guide for writing their job duties. "

- Sarah Espeland
Workforce Consultant, Idaho Deptartment of Labor

Program Success

"CIS Motivates kids. It's easy to use, engaging and thorough. We use it as THE source for college and career readiness. Minnesota has legislated specific college and career readiness activities; MCIS meets our state requirements to a T."

- David Janssen
Guidance Counselor, Mesabi East School

Platform Success

"The work information and educational planning information are linked and interconnected. That compatibility is something CIS pioneered and delivers every year, maintaining information integrity."

- Laura McCoid
Director, Oregon CIS

About Us

intoCareers is an outreach center in the University of Oregon's College of Education that develops and supports the Career Information System (CIS). intoCareers provides content, multimedia, curriculum, and Internet applications that assist people in making informed career choices. Over the past 40 years, intoCareers has been delivering high-quality national and localized information about occupations, employment, and education and training for use by youth and adults. intoCareers licenses its career delivery system to state entities such as education agencies, offices of post-secondary education, and departments of labor. These entities implement localized versions of the Career Information System to support career development programs in their respective states.

What Differentiates intoCareers?

Singular Mission

As a non-profit enterprise of the University of Oregon, we focus all of our resources on promoting research-based, best-practice career information services. This allows us to provide our clients a quality, cost-effective product with favorable licensing terms.


For over 40 years, government and non-profit institutions have trusted intoCareers' CIS platform as the backbone of their system. Our experience and expertise continue to anchor this trust.

Commitment to Quality

Our content is the foundation of the CIS platform. We provide a comprehensive library of occupation, education and employment resources, and more quality career assessments than competing products. Our team of experienced analysts ensure that content is both current and accurate.

Responsive Service and Support

intoCareers provides on-going training, curriculum, and support at the user and staff level to assure quality implementation of CIS.


The CIS platform is designed to reflect the requirements and needs of your state. It supports the integration of local content and curriculum from the ground up, empowering customers to promote the educational institutions and opportunities of their own states.

White Labeling

Our platform is easily customized to meet institutional branding, color palettes, and logo requirements.

CIS Network

The evolution of the CIS Platform is truly customer-driven. Our system operators actively participate in an organized network that collaborates with intoCareers to set research and development objectives, achieve common goals, and share creative strategies.